Brazos Valley Rhetoric Club - A Homeschool Cooperative


Over two semesters, the curriculum covers the  eleven different speech events and the two debate types. It is not required that you participate in both speech and debate events, it is highly recommended. During all semesters, students will be actively participating in community activities and tournaments where they will experience the bulk of their learning.


Student: Students will gain leadership experience with the opportunity to run for leadership positions in the club. Some offices are:

  • President: Emcees the meetings and conducts announcements.
  • Vice President: Takes president’s place in case of his/her absence. Also is responsible for the writing of thank you notes. (Both the offices of President and Vice President will be available to veteran students after the first year of competition is completed.)
  • Chaplain: Opens and closes the meetings in prayer. Prays over club potlucks.
  • Cameraman/Camerawomen: Digitally records club activities for the parents and club.
  • Webmaster: The webmaster is in charge of making sure the website, wiki, and yahoo group run smoothly so that members can easily communicate with each other and with those who are interested in what we’re doing.
  • Sergeant-at-arms: In charge of set up, take down, and the wellbeing of the facilities.
  • Librarian: Is there to make sure important club items don’t get lost. Specifically, they keep track of our printed material, the BVRC banner and the encouragement box.

Parent: Parents help coach by critiquing student work and teaching classes. Having parents actively involved and teaching every week helps the club to become self-sustaining, an effective learning community and not just a weekly class (which would have minimal benefit to your student). Encouragement and participation from parents is a huge facet to the success of the club and the students as a whole.


Students are required to participate in at least two competative NCFCA tournaments. This is where the bulk of the learning occurs as well as many great and lasting friendships.

Classes + Student Run + Parent Lead + Compatative Tournaments = Stimulating Community

For an exact syllabus, please contact us.