Download and look through our informational package.  You may email us for a downloadable copy.

Here are a few of the more general requirements:


Team Training

Team Training

We meet every Tuesday from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm with a break for dinner at 6:00 pm. During our meeting we cover speech, debate, and leadership classes. We meet at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bryan. Students and their parents are expected to attend the meetings.


Students from 13-18 are allowed to compete in the NCFCA tournaments (some of which have junior rounds for younger students.) Because we are a Christian home school family speech and debate club, we encourage the participation of the whole family, but only students from 13-18 have to pay membership dues.


  • Tournaments:

As a member, your student is required to attend at least two competitive tournaments.

  • Student:

Student will be given assignments which they are expected to complete.

  • Parents:

At least one parent from each family should be present at every meeting their student attends.

Completion of the Membership Form

You can complete the membership form online here: membership application. For details on where to send completed membership forms, please email us.

NCFCA Affiliation

To be able to compete in the NCFCA, the student’s family must be an affiliate with the NCFCA.


Qualified students must be home educated; having their education managed by their parents or legal guardians.