I’m an NCFCA Alumni

If you have competed in the NCFCA and you happen to be going to college at Texas A&M University (A! A! A! A! A!) or you live in the Brazos Valley Area, here are a few ways you can get involved:

Come to the meetings:

At the meetings, you can befriend current members, mentor beginning students, critique speeches and even teach a few classes.

Additionally, if you have a speech or presentation your are looking to improve, bring it along with you and we can give you feedback.

Contact me:

If you are interested, shoot us an email with a brief introduction, what experience you would like to gain from the club, and what you can add to the BVRC.

Important note:

As a visiting alumni or speaker, I expect that you will conduct yourself in a Godly and professional manner. Your position as an alumni/experienced speaker gives your words, actions, and attitude a lot of weight. If that influence is not polite, clean, or otherwise acceptable to the parents of the club and me as the club coach, you will be asked to leave the meeting.