I’m an Interested Parent

The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) believes that formal speech and debate can provide a means for home schooled students to learn and exercise analytical and oratorical skills, addressing life issues from a biblical world view in a manner that glorifies God.

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If you are interested in joining an NCFCA home school family speech and debate club, here are a few very helpful tips to get you started on your search:

Judge at a tournament:

We would recommend that you do this first, as the tournaments are the essence of what speech and debate is. You can more information about tournaments here.

Visit a club meeting:

After you have been to a tournament, look for a club in your area and visit a few of their meetings. Some clubs close to the Brazos Valley Area are the Houston Logic & Rhetoric Club, the Austin Rhetoric Club, and the Brazos Valley Rhetoric Club. We meet every Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 and we would love to have you visit us. If you are considering becoming a member, visit our membership page for more details, or…

Attend an informational meeting

Every summer, I host informational meetings about the benefits of speech and debate for interested parents. These meetings are where you can ask me questions, see live demo speeches, and talk to other homeschooling parents who have done speech and debate. Here is the informational meeting schedule for 2016.