Parental and Home Schooling Rights Under Fire

Family Under Fire

Last year, THSC had two lobbyists countering all the “anti home school” legislation. This year, THSC put together a team of six lobbyists to counter the rising threats against home schooling.

Defense AND Offense

This group of six is made up of Home School graduates who call themselves the Texas Watchmen. The Texas Watchmen are tirelessly working with Texas legislators to protect your invaluable right to parent. However, protection isn’t enough. Instead, we must begin to reclaim our God-given freedoms that have been slowly eroded.

The battle will be impossible without the backing of the community:

“A battle tactic of the Romans was to lock their shields together and make an impenetrable wall. This wall could advance and defend at the same time; pushing their enemies to defeat.  We [the Texas Watchmen] are  six young men who have locked our shields together. We can defend the rights we have, but before we can advance we need a bigger wall.” ~ Nathan Exley, Publicity Manager for the Texas Watchmen.

Locking Roman Sheilds

That is why the Texas Watchmen started:

The 140 Days for Freedom Challenge

The Texas Watchmen have three needs in order to successfully advocate parental and home school rights:

  • A Dedicated Prayer Team: We need you to sign up to pray every night at 8:00 pm for the next 140 days. Please pray for the Texas Watchmen, THSC, Texas and for the HSLDA (the Home School Legal Defence Association). Our many political battles will only be won through pray warriors who earnestly fight the spiritual battle alongside us. Our primary battle is spiritual and our greatest enemy is the spiritual host of darkness (Eph 6:12). Through our enemy is strong, our God is much stronger. God changes hearts through prayer. Prayer will sustain us spiritually and physically.  We desperately need dedicated warriors to pray and to remind others about the necessity of prayer.  You can sign up to pray here.
  • A Call Chain: We need more home schoolers, parents, and students than ever to call their representatives about bills that come up for a vote. Your calls are what stopped the UN Treaty in its tracks and your calls continue to play a crucial role in stopping harmful state legislation. We highly recommend that you also stay updated with our important updates. You can sign up to receive emergency notifications to call your representative here.
  • Community Involvement: We need an informed community. Telling your friends about the politicial issues is an invaluable way to raise public awareness. We need families who voluntarily receive updates to freely share them via social media. Any form of social media will work: Email, facebook, Twitter, you name it! Last but not least, we need people who would like to volunteer their testimony in Austin, should the need arise. Let us know if you are interested in giving your testimony here.

Community Meetings

Lastly, the Texas Watchmen are travelling and speaking at different events to help raise awareness about this threat to homeschooling. BVRC will be hosting Nathan Exley at the following meetings and we would encourage you to attend:

  • January 15, 1 pm – 2:30 pm at the Clara B. Mounce Library in Bryan. (We will be in the conference room on the second floor.)
  • January 29, 1pm – 2:30 pm at the Harry P. Woodson Library Public Library in Caldwell.

Making it easy

Here are quick links to equip and connect you to some of the resources you would need to stay updated:

Before You Go…

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