The best way to try out Speech and Debate: Judge at a tournament

Judge at a Tournament

Home School Speech and Debate Tournaments would not be possible without hundreds of volunteer community judges.

It really is not as scary as it sounds. You don’t have to have any prior experience, you are fed FREE FOOD, you may pick as many two hour time slots as are convenient for you, there are judge orientations all throughout the day (to tell you what you need to know) and the only qualifications you need are to be over 18 and have a pulse.

It is an easy and crucial investment you can make in your home school students that ends up being a lot of fun!

Tournaments are coming up and we need judges!

Region IV Invitational 400 Judges Needed! (Region IV is Texas and Oklahoma) (tell your friends that you are judging here!)
Date: 4/30/2013 – 5/3/2013
Facility: Champion Life Centre
Location: Spring, TX

To find out more about the tournaments and home school speech and debate, you can visit the NCFCA website.



Judging is an investment that is easy, critical for helping students become better communicators, and entertaining.

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